How can I clean my SNOO?

We understand babies can have unexpected spit-ups & blowouts while sleeping. Lucky for you, cleaning SNOO is easier than you think!

For safety purposes, SNOO’s mesh is not removable. However, if you have a spill on the mesh we recommend spot cleaning with a damp cloth, warm water & baby-safe gentle cleansers. For a deeper clean you can use a steam cleaner, but make sure to hold it a good distance away to prevent any water from getting inside the platform.

To clean between the mesh panels, at the head of SNOO there is a zipper you can wiggle a duster or vacuum nozzle to clean any dust or particles!

As for cleaning SNOO’s foam mattress, we suggest spot cleaning with mild soap and warm water. Please make sure the foam mattress is completely air-dried before reusing. We highly recommend against putting the mattress in your washer and dryer, as doing so may damage or warp the foam.

Please reach out to our Customer Care team at for any further questions.

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