What is SNOO? (Video Tutorial)

SNOO is the latest invention from Dr. Harvey Karp, world-renowned pediatrician, and creator of the celebrated book/video, The Happiest Baby on the Block. Designed in collaboration with MIT-trained engineers and the acclaimed industrial designer Yves Béhar, SNOO boosts sleep for babies 0-6 months with the soothing rhythms they enjoyed in the womb.

SNOO comes with 3 organic cotton swaddles (S, M, L), which secure to the SNOO's safety clips to keep babies on the backs…making it the safest baby bed ever made!

When a baby fusses, SNOO ‘hears’ the crying and chooses just the right amount of shushing sound and jiggly motion to help lull the baby back to sleep. SNOO’s simple-to-use App lets parents modify the experience to select the most responses that work the best for their baby 

SNOO encourages healthier sleep patterns and even reduces a baby’s need for sleep training.


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