Can I disable SNOO's Wi-Fi?

Yes! SNOO was designed to give babies all SNOO's wonderful sleep and safety benefits, without needing to connect to a wireless network. Most parents still choose to keep their SNOO connected because it gives them even more, SNOO benefits, like:

  1. Changing settings (Motion Limiter, Weaning Mode, Volume, and more!)
  2. Getting your baby's daily sleep report
  3. Receiving regular notifications of support & guidance
  4. Receiving notifications about interesting tidbits about baby development
  5. Monitoring & controlling SNOO remotely
  6. Allowing Happiest Baby to send out latest SNOO software upgrades

However, if you prefer to disable SNOO’s Wi-Fi, simply click out the Wi-Fi button. That button is found underneath the SNOO, on the same side of the bed as the Activity Button (the one you press to turn the bed on and off). The Wi-Fi switch is the smaller of the 2 buttons and can be turned off simply by pressing it so that it pops out.


Please Note: You will know your Wi-Fi is off because you will no longer be able to change SNOO levels or settings from your mobile device.

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